“Come as you are”

We want you to feel at home with us. Casual or dressy? We want you to be comfortable, whether it be heels or tennis shoes, suit or t-shirt. We’re just glad to see you.

Matthew 18:20

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”

A Message for November-December from Pastor Mike

The 6th Sense

She ran a little convenience store down by the deftly named ‘Steel Bridge’, just as the road curved up to the right like one of those shiny utensils at the dentist office. Nora Ledbetter was a true countrywoman, born, reared and lived her full days in the same impoverished holler with little in the way of traditional education and noise. Some folk seem to have gotten it in their heads that the backcountry gives way to backwards thinking. But it wasn’t so with Nora. Her thoughts were quite forward at times.

Often during the coated summer months of humidity and leaf tattered sunshine, Nora would hold court on her front porch as young ladies strode in to tell their tales, and family stopped by to sit and rock a while.

Even though she is believed to have never traveled further than a modern 2-hour car ride, she didn’t have to. Nora came from a pioneer ilk that valued the commitment of remaining and getting what you needed off the land with a little brow sweat. But she found other ways to travel.

Nora was known throughout the area as a brilliant person. Even when her eyesight faded to shades at best, she still had a keen perception of the goings and comings of her world and others far beyond. For the majority of her life Nora read. She read books and people, the tree rings of local legend and lore through the mostly forgotten art of story telling. And I think in all her more sedentary endeavors, as a curious person of faith, she acquired a 6th sense, a spiritual sense; a way of seeing, hearing and touching, all in one blended moment.

The prophetess Anna, in the gospel of Luke, chapter 2, had a similar story. She never left the temple, but spent all of her days praying and worshiping before the Lord. You could say she was simply a country girl of a different sort. But just like Nora, Anna was never encumbered by her exclusively local movement, traveling as she read the times and scripture, the thoughts of God and people, she too knew something about this spiritual sense.

The story goes that one-day Anna was in the temple, classic, and while she was there she heard an old codger named Simeon chatting up a storm and causing quite the fuss. She knew Simeon, as a fellow hall walker of the temple of God, so she came over to him and a young couple he was with, looked down, and beheld a tiny baby boy who instantly grabbed her attention.

Anna’s 6th sense saw this child for what he was, the Redeemer of Jerusalem. But even she could not fathom how much further his deliverance would extend. And so she did what people tend to do quite naturally after meeting Jesus, she praised God and told everyone she met about this savior.

As we approach the celebration of the birth of Jesus during this advent season, we can hear the wise words of Nora and Anna, exhorting us to listen in scripture and worship, conversation and quiet thoughts, to tune in our 6th sense as we prepare to meet Jesus on Christmas day. For on that day we will hear quite a fuss, walk over, and behold the glorious wonders of His magnanimous love.

Pastor Mike Lyle