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As followers of Jesus we get together every week to grow closer to God through worship. When we do that, it helps us to deepen our faith in Him, and it  leaves us feeling refreshed and inspired to serve Jesus in bigger and better ways.


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Congratulations to our own Ginny Murphy!
m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2037947446501067&id=1699513590344456This week is Nurses Week. As we start out the week, IU Health Frankfort would like to highlight one of our extraordinary Emergency Department nurses. Congratulations to Ginny Murphy for receiving the DAISY Award.

Check out Ginny's nomination story.

Ginny Murphy is one of the most compassionate nurses I have ever been privileged to work with. Her dedication to not only her own individual nursing practice but her commitment to ensuring every single nurse around her is the very best they can be, committed to excellent patient experiences every single day. Ginny is so well deserving of this award, known for her “momma bear spirit” to the Emergency Department. She is dedicated to not only the nurses that work beside her every day, her commitment to the community and the difference she makes in every single patient interaction is truly compelling. She knows how to make an impact in the lives of everyone she touches.

It is not uncommon to hear Ginny discharging patients with that little something extra included, that places the exclamation mark behind the patient experience. She knows these are the BIG things that mean so much to the patients, their family members and our profession. She often, despite the hustle and bustle of the Emergency Department, will take that extra few minutes to call in the patient prescriptions in order to make it easy for patients to pick up on their way home. She will often make calls to specialty clinics and/or to a patients primary care office in order to ensure continuity of care and resources are in place post visit to our emergency department. She always has the patient first.

Ginny is the first to volunteer her time to ensure kids at Christmas have presents, other departments have special treats and thank you cards for their hard work, staff members have baby showers and first to trade shifts to ensure parents are able to attend their kids' event. She does so with joy and a smile, caring for everyone around her.

Ginny is certainly the caretaker to many. She is a special wife, mother, friend, coworker and certainly an extraordinary nurse.

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